Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB USB 3.0 stick not working under Windows 10?

Hi all,

The technical specs say that the Sandisk Extreme Pro was compatible with Windows 10. I tried mine now in 5 different Windows 10 computers and neither was able to use it. It is seen in the hardware and I can see the partition also in the administration, but Windows does not assign a drive letter to it and won’t let me do that manually.

Putting it back to any Windows 7, Vista or XP system it workes flawlessly again.

My problem now: Even if there was a way to get it usable in my own Windows 10 box: I a work a lot at customer sites and used the stick to have my own software available. Obviously, I cannot manipulate around on their computers. So I need a stick that works without installing software or other maipulation of the PC. This used to work wherever I go before Windows 10. My two spare sticks, one Intenseo and one Lexar show, no problems on any of these PCs. This could be either because they are a different brand or because they are 64 and 32 GB sticks and this is 128GB.

So now the question: Is there any way, maybe by re-formatting or re-partitioning under Windows 7 or Linux, to bring the device into a state where it works with Windows 10?


I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.

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