SanDisk Extreme Plus 64GB Micro SD XC very slow read speeds

I have several of these cards in 64GB and 32GB sizes.  But only one of these constantly gives me trouble.  Popping a card into my MacBook Pro to tranfer files to another drive, all but one can take 10GB worth of files and copy them over in about 3 1/2 minutes.  The bad 64GB card will take the inverse of that: 10GB copies in 30 minutes.  Or 4GB copies in 12 min.

Checking “Info” on the cards shows they’re all formatted exactly the same: MS-DOS (FAT32).  This always happens with this one card.

Thoughts?  Is there a warranty?  Could this just be a mis-labled card and not really the SD XC?

Check the main SanDisk site for warranty info. If you have several cards & only one is giving your trouble, I would surmise this one has failed.

Worst case scenario, if it is not covered by warranty any more the prices have come down drastically; it won’t be a huge financial hardship to simply buy another one.

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