SanDisk Extreme Flash USB 3.0 128 GB 245 MB/s local disk

I have a problem with this pendrive, I need a tool to make this pen like a local disk to install win10.

at the moment I have done on a lacie 1TB but i prefered have it on the new sandisk? 

it’s possible? 

thanks all

“it’s possible?”


It is possible with a program called wintousb

An interesting app lippsman.  Thanks for mentioning it.   I assume you are referring to the free version and not the $29.95 one shown on their webpage.

Does it make the USB drive a local/fixed disk? 

Actually I do use the paid version, it does make the USB a fixed drive. You have an actual OS on a USB drive you boot from. Great to use while on the road so you leave no digital footprints on someone elses computer 

I understand the benefits.  I’ve been booting OSs from flash drives for a long time, Windows PEs and Linux systems, and never needed to be concerned that they were removable drives rather than Fixed ones.  I even boot them on EFI systems.