Sandisk cruzer 16gb usb flash drive not working after using wintousb

Actually, I have made a windows 7 bootable MBR-UEFI usb with the help of wintousb software but that bootable usb have not worked for my PC, so again with the help of wintousb software I tried to make Windows 7 bootable usb in MBR-BIOS but that operation was not completed as the pendrive automatically disconnects.

After that I’ve tried formatting, deleting volume and creating new volume from Create and format Hard disk partitions and also tried cleaning from CMD, but the same things happens like pendrive disconnects automatically and one message appears (screenshot attached). I am not worried about data, but can I make this usb usable again. Please revert.

What did wintousb say when you asked them?

Have not asked from wintousb, but I had only os image in pendrive so that’s not important to me. But I need my pendrive to work as usual for storage of files.

I am unable to format it or do any operation on my pendrive, it automatically disconnects whenecer I try to do so.

You had more than an os image on the drive.  If that was so you could have copied it there yourself.  You used wintousb which made the drive bootable which involves making changes to the mbr and other low level changes to support booting Windows’s install.  The only way I can think of that may work for you is to delete the partition on the drive, allocate a new one and reformat it.  FAT32 or exFAT not NTFS.

Is there any way to format it in safe mode or any other mode, cause now after just inserting the USB everything lags and it automatically disconnects after a min or two.

If you go to the Disk Management window and plug the flash drive in what do you see, before and after it disconnects?  And you can do this in Safe Mode if you want.

When I connect USB and then go to command prompt, and type diskpart CMD freezes and after almost 1 min USB automatically disconnects (like the same image as attahced in my first post). I have not tried it in safe mode.

Never mind the command prompt and diskpart at this point.  Go to the Disk Management page first then insert the USB drive and report what you see happens.