Sandisk Extreme 8GB not working in UDMA

I bought a Sandisk Extreme CF (SDCFX-008G-X46, BI100912916B) card today and seems it doesnt work in UDMA mode. I can read/write it max 9,5MB/s in my card reader (and this card reader can read/write 18MB/sec my Extreme III SDHC card).
I have a Canon 7D and it doesnt recognize it as a UDMA card either. Any suggestion or i have to change for a new one?
PS: sorry for my english

where did you purchase the card? can you post pictures and ATTO benchmark results?

Benchmark result
Photos from the card (careful, 3mb!)

I purchased the card from Hama Hungary, they are the official Sandisk distribution in Hungary.

well the card should be getting much faster than what you are seeing. what kind of card reader are you using? i understand that you see faster results using SD cards but be aware that the SD and CF card slots use different controllers so you cant base one speed off the other. also can you try using your camera as a reader and see if you get similar results?

I cant test with atto, because its doesnt recognize my camera as a drive. Today i bring my card to my workplace and test it with a new Sandisk Image Mate All-In-One.

Benchmark result with Sandisk Imagemate

It’s better, but i think its still far from the extreme cards performance. And my 7D still doesnt recognize it as a UDMA card.

this is better and looks more like what you will get over a USB reader. to get the full speed of the card you would need to use the Extreme Pro Express card adapter. 

you copuld try returning the card but i am not sure you will see different results. 

Thanks for your help.