Sandisk Extreme 45 MB/s SDXC1 64 GB - Issues with Nikon D800

I’ve bought  two Sandisk Extreme 45 MB/s SDXC1 64 GB (from Amazon).

First card (bought some months ago) has been formatted on camera and showed serious lags when browsing on camera between pictures. Seems there’s no impact on shutting speed. Card perfectly read by a Trascend reader USB 3.0/W7 PC.

Second card bought one week ago - immediately formatted on camera and same problems as first appeared.

In addition some of the pictures were not readable both on Camera and PC (first time in my experience - I own dozens of SanDisk SD card all speeds and size.

Is there any know uncompability between these card and Nikon D800? According to the manual SDXC 64 GB UHS-1 is supported.

I’ve to say also that these two cards have a gold label, while a third one - same specs but with the old red/black label - works fine since more than one year.

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1-     Please, try format them on the PC with (free): USB Flash SD Formatter 4.00,

2-     If you are wrong, you can see, with two portable utilities (free), whether they are fakes:

2.1-   USB Flash H2testw 1.40,          -It’s the classic utility, but for 64 Gb, it takes ~ 4 hours.

2.2-   USB Flash FakeTest 1.09,       -It’s similar, but has a quick option, and takes minutes.

Luck, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

Regards, Alfred.                                                              (Google translated)

Hi Alfred,

thanks for the reply.

Second card (newest) has been sent back to Amazon - too dangerous - I shot 15K pictures a year and I’ve never lost a file.

I’ve re-formatted it the oldest on PC with the utility indicated and run fake test, everything positive, but still lot of lags on camera.

I’ll keep it but only as a emergency card.

At any rate something has changed - red/black label 64 GB SDXC 45 mb/s has a totally different behaviour when reading/writing on camera. Maybe SanDisk changed the third party manufacturer…

Thank you anyway. To avoid problems in the future I’ll stay on SDHC 32 GB.



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But, please, also test these ideas, link:




Regards, Alfred.