Sandisk 32 Gb Extreme Pro UDMA7 90 mb/s Compact Flash - Possibly Counterfeit

I just purchased a Sandisk 32 Gb Extreme Pro UDMA7 90 mb/s Compact Flash card.

It looked fine. It ran slow. My first instinct was to fill it to the full 32 Gb. That worked fine but it feels like a 60x 9 MB/s card even on a USB 3 udma USB reader.

The Sandisk written on the back looks find but is missing the little r (Registered) logo at the end.

The front sticker looks fine but at the end of the word pro in Extreme Pro, there is no “tm”

I think that there is also meant to be a symbol after 90MB/s on the front. There is not.

The product was advertised as UDMA6 but it has UDMA7 written on it. 

All my other Scandisk cards have a serial and “Made in China” at the bottom, to one side. This one has it dead centre.

The serial is BH080825142B

The plastic housing and brushed metal case all look correct. The corners of the metal centres front and back look like my other Sandisks.

If this is a fake, it is a **bleep** good one. I only looked hard as it was slow.

Does anyone have any software that can pull any information from the card ? I know users with PCMCIA readers can do this but I lack that resource. Any card diagnostics that could help work this one out ?


test with H2testw shows that the card is 30767 MB’s, write speed 12.7 MB/s and read (Verify) 16.5 MB/s so I think this is a 133x card.

Still have not found a way to read the internal identifier of the card

High res images to refer to

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A big thankyou to the Sandisk copyright protection team for confirming that this is indeed a new style of fake. Now I can get a refund, ditch the card and move on. At least others can now see images of this new fake and “Buyer Beware”.

I have obtained a PCMCIA card reader. My real CF cards come up as

  • sdcfxs-032g extreme
  • sdcfxp-032g extreme pro

The fake one comes up as “CF Card ATA Device”.
No idea who makes this one.