SanDisk Extreme 64GB USB3.0 bootable with Windows 8.1 portable

Does anyone tried to run Windows 8.1 on this pendrive? Complete installation, don’t want usb boot for installation.

I need a Windows 8.1 portable on this pendrive.


Well, SanDisk stopped making Windows 8 to Go drives a yr or more ago but some distributors still have some of the old ones in stock so to answer your question, Maybe.

Look for a drive that has Windows 8 to Go on the packaging.

By default, what I know is that USB flash drives are not bootable. You need to configure this first. Check Unetbootin as it’s the utility to do this, plus, it’s free.

Hi Ed_P, did those actually say Windows 8 to Go on the packaging? Or was it Windows 8 compatible, or Windows 8 certified? Do you have a photo of the packaging you could share? I’m after one of those myself as well. Thanks.

Sorry Nazgul I can’t help you.  I recommend you buy a brand that Microsoft has certified: