Sandisk Extreme Windows 8 to go

I have installed windows to go with imagex.exe and the install.wim from Windows 8 Enterprise 90 days.

Its not possible to start windows 8.

I get the windows 8 loading screen and 30 seconds later the “sad face of death” and this message: Inaccsessable Boot device.

I have tested it many times. But it will not work. Other usb sticks work but very slowly.

Is there any possibility to start windows on this device?

I hope someone can help.


Try it on a USB 2.0 port.  I have a USB stick that boots to Grub4DOS that works fine on all pcs, except new ones when I plug it into their USB 3.0 ports.  It’s a timing issue.

The use of WindowsToGo requires a very specialized USB stick and the one that you have may not currently be up to the challenge.

Not only must it meet miniumum capacity (32GB) and performance specs (probably okay there) but it must mount as a “Fixed”, non-removable device. This is probably the issue.

Currently there are only 3 USB drives that are certified by Microsoft.

Mentioning their names here seems inappropriate but look into it. SanDisk might have a product listed there soon.

WTG is definitely worth taking a look at and no, I don’t work for Microsoft.

Microsoft’s current write up on them:

No wrong.

You can install it on each USB Stick with imagex, but it didn’t work with Sandisk Extreme. I send the stick back and ordered the KIngston HyperX and now it works perfekt. 

Its a problem from the Sandisk stick.

I tested it on USB2.0 and 3.0 on many different PCs