sandisk extreme 64gb (copy n reading less than 30 mb)


I have recently purchased sandisk extreme 64 gb through ebay .But i am really disappointed by its perfomance its coping files over the speed of 24 mb .my usb came with file system exfat but i formatted it because of its slow perfomance .Now i have formated it to fat32 file system but still it has the same slow speed. I have updated my drivers but no result

Please if any one can help

Formating it obviously not a solution and it increases the blocksize which doesn’t help with small files.  Do you have it configured in Windows for Performance or Safe Removal?  The latter is slower.

no i didnt configure in windows for perfmoance. What can i do to increase the speed.Thanks

Configuring the USB drive in Windows for Performance would be one option.

Does your pc support USB 3.0 drives?  If the pc only supports USB 2.0 drives the Extreme will still work but only at the 2.0 speeds.

Are you using the SecureAccess app?

Yes my pc supports usb 3.0 but speed starts with 40 mb n goes down to 20 mb , 13mb extremely slow.No i am not using secureapp i have formatted my usb so its gone.

how to check if your laptop has usb 2 or usb 3??

Open up device manager, then look for USB section. It should show you if it’s 2.0 or 3.0

thanks for the reply.I have opened up device manager it shows usb 3.0 extensible host controller.i guess my laptop has usb 3.If it is usb 3 then why i am getting low speed around 20 mb.Please Help??

Most laptops have BOTH USB 2 and USB 3 ports

On my lenovo the ports on the right are 2.0 and the ports on the left are 3.0.  Check and VERIFY that the extreme is in a 3.0 port.

FWIW - Windows SHOULD give the “This device can perform faster…” message ballon if you plug into a 2.0 port