Sandisk Extreme 500 USB connector breaking

I purchased a 240GB Sandisk Extreme 500 portable SSD last spring.

I am a computer technician and have been recommending these to my clients since my own purchase.

Regrettably the connector to the USB cable broke off when I detached the cable a week ago.

Reading recent reviews on Amazon, I gather this has been a common fault in a batch manufactured last year.

I understand that Sandisk has revised the manufacturing process to eliminate this defect.

How can I tell whether a supplier is carrying the new remedied design rather than theold defective stock?
Are there different serial numbers or identifying marks on the product or the carton?

I wish to obtain a replacement, and have a number of clients who wish to purchase, but NOT if we are going to receive the

old faulty ones!

Any advice or guidance would be most welcome!

you can sumbit an online rma request from the following link 

i would say it is likely that there is no way to tell from the package if the stock is from the old stock or the new. That said the issue was resolved quite a long time ago so it is not likely retailers would still have old stock. if you order from a place with hi volume sales like amazon you should be ok. 

I have just had the same problem, and need to tjeck the data on my disk to confirm that I don’t have any data missing (I’m a professionel photographer) So is there any way to access the disk, something similar as when using a dockink station to access a 3,5" or 2,5" disk?

you can contact sandisk support and they can tell you how to take the case apart. inside is a 2.5" SATA SSD. You can use a SATA to USB cable to connect the drive to a computer and get your data. After you have the data backed up sandisk will replace the drive. 

Purchased mine in Oct 2016. Connectivity issues began two weeks ago and ended with the connector sliding out on the cable exactly as shown in the photo earlier in this thread. On one hand I was relieved to see it was just a broken jack…on the other, finding out that I’d have to buy a $10 cable and wait a couple days to access my data, and wait what could be a couple weeks for a replacement drive did not make me happy.

Fortunately I had another couple backup drives laying around onto which to move the half terabyte of data. Others might find themselves having to purchase a drive just to store data while waiting for the replacement.

I’m hoping that the 510 replacement they’ve promised will not have this issue. Time will tell. 

Was everyone able to recover their data? My connector just slid out like the photo as well and I am waiting for Sandisk to call back with instructions on how to take apart the case. 


Same ■■■■ here!