Sandisk Extreme 4TB not recognized on multiple devices

We just bought a Sandisk Extreme 4TB for Music Production and the disc is not recognized. I started googling and noticed that there are issues with this disc. I checked my serial in the firmware update tool and it says I do not need a firmware fix. But it is not working. When I start up my PC with the SSD attached to it, I see a B4 code in the right corner and than nothing. No windows start up. What can I do??

The B4 code you’re seeing is an error code that indicates a problem with the drive’s firmware. Unfortunately, there is no firmware update available for this issue.
Try connecting the SSD to a different computer. If the drive is recognized on another computer, then the problem may be with your own computer’s hardware or software. Otherwise, Formatting would be the last option to fix it. Check out this article to know possible fixes for the SSD not recognized on multiple devices.

I already tried to start it up from different computers. Does not work. I already formatted the disc. No changes. It is a SSD drive.

I understand the frustration! I encountered similar issues with my SanDisk Portable SSD and stumbled upon a helpful EaseUS giveaway during my search for a solution. Check out these potential fixes:

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Thank you very much for your answer Imran11. I requested an EaseUS Pro liscense.