Sandisk Extrem 3.0 64GB controller bug

Hi guys,

I have an issue with two Sandisk Extreme 3.0 64GB drives. Both are brand new.

I work in the IT department and as such, I image lots of systems per week. I got these drives as an upgrade from the old Corsair Flash Voyager GT 3.0 32GB

I use .ISO builds with Configuration Manager on them.

The Sandisk drives have both worked  EXACTLY 6 times. They work on systems that have intel Haswell refresh processors, just fine.

ex. Dell E5450, E5250, M3800

If I try to use the same drives to image a system based on intel Haswell (NOT Haswell refresh, just normal Haswell)  or older Ivy or Sandy Bridge, Configuration Manager will report that it failed to read from the source drive.

ex. Dell E6420, 6430,  E6520, E6530, E7240, E7440,

The problem is that only the Sandisk drives have this issue. If I put the EXACT same .ISO on the older Corsair drives, they work fine on any system wih any CPU.

I usually image systems in pairs so I noticed this when only one of the two 6430 laptops was booting from the USB drive. After the other laptop finished imaging,  I used the Sandisk drive that worked and put it in the other laptop. Didn’t boot. Put it back in the freshly imaged laptop. Didn’t boot.

Did a low-level format of both drives and manually made them bootable again. Same issue as above : they boot just fine on E5450, E5250 and M3800. They do not boot on E7440, E7240 etc.

I also used HD Clone Professional and Norton Ghost to clone a Corsair drive onto the Sandisk drive. Same issue : the Corsair works on all systems while the Sandisk doesn’t.

Considering both  drives worked for EXACTLY 6 times before not working on all systems, points to either a hardware defect or a firmware bug with the internal USB controller of the flash  drive.

Please let me know if you need any other information.

I can’t be the only one with this issue. I doubt I received two defective drives that lost part of their functionality, at the same  time