Sandisk Dual USB 64gb

I just bought my new flash drive and bragged on it to everyone about it’s versatility. I plugged into mycomputer and putsome movies on it. Went to my HTC One M8 and played them straight from the flash drive. I went to my brand new 60" vizio smart TV and no joy. SO I went to my 42" Samsung Smart TV and no joy. THought it ws the movie format. Put the exact same move on my sandisk 32gb flash drive and it works in both TVs. The Vizio says it has the latest upgrade, but I cn get if you want. The Samsung just did an update 3 nights ago. Please help! I was so excited about all the devices I could use with the DUal Flahdrive, but I think I wasted my money.

Signed, an exasperated Guy

:smiley:   Hi Super_Grayman,

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Well, it’s a simple problem of format compatibility.

If the UFD 32 GB, operates on two TVs, is that its format is FAT32. Verify, in “Properties” from the UFD.

Verify, that the UFD 64 GB, has the exFAT format, test it on PCs.

Verify, in the manuals of the TV (in specifications), if accepted besides FAT32, exFAT format.


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Hi Grayman, how did this work out for you if I may ask?