SanDisk Cruzer memory stick 4GB

In order to transfer a file from one computer to the other, I downloaded it on a SanDisk Cruzer memory stick. Then I stuck it into a USB port of the other computer.

Left-clicking it, gets no reaction; right-clicking it, gets a menu which prominently shows  “Run U3 Launchpad”. That reacts to neither left or right-clicking. So I clicked “Open” (another option of the Menu), which shows 3 possibilities: 1) autorun.inf; 2); launchU3.exe.

  1. opens a Notepad windows; 2) opens a long list that I have no idea what to do with; 3) opens a window with, on the left, U3Smart Program, and, on the right, another 7 options.

This all is way too complicated. I just want to copy a file onto the stick, and then copy it from the stick to another computer. Can I do that, and how? 


in that i suggest formating the drive and delete the U3 software in order to use the drive as a normal storage device.

if you already installed the U3 software, then you can run the removal tool and delete it from the drive.

Thank you - it worked!


this is wonderful!!!