sandisk cruzer driver fail

for some reason i cant get any driver to install and work

its a 4 gb flash and im using windows vista 

any ideas?   all the ■■■■ on the website isnt working

Hi Rcoop125. By default, it should be plug and play on Windows Vista. Try using running these steps

  1. Use other USB ports and see if it makes a difference.

  2. While the USB plugged in, Open device manager (Windows key+pause/break), look for any yellow question mark indicating Other devices, click on the “+” sign and look for your SanDisk device. If it has a yellow question mark, right click on it and click uninstall. Now you need to install the driver again using Windows, click on Action(top left, between File and View) and click "Scan for hardware changes. 

  3. Try using the download wizard at and manually install it.

It would also help if you state the type of Cruzer flash drive you have. If its Freedom, Micro, Mini or if its a U3 or a non U3 device.

I tried all that and none of those helped.  It will not install the driver. Any more suggestions?  It is a micro and I have Windows Vista

Diane P.

Your Windows User id most likely doesn’t have Admin level access.  Check with the owner of the pc.