Sandisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive won't connect

With device flashing I see it intermittently on my IPad Air, but it will not connect. Says it can’t connect, then immediately reconnects to my home WIFI network. This was not always the case. On the first day I got it, it connected and held with no problems. I was very pleased with it. Then I followed the instructions to configure it so I could be connected to the internet at the same time. That’s when the trouble began. So, now that it won’t connect, I can’t get in to change the settings back. BTW, my laptop connects pretty well, but it is not shown as a drive unless it is plugged into an USB port. Perhaps that’s normal. Not sure. Am I going to have to return this thing?

try a factory reset on the drive.

if you are still having issues try forgetting your home network on  your iPad and see if the connection will maintain then. If so try reconfiguring the WFD to use your home network for interenet.