Internet connection issues

I have the 64Gb wireless media drive and I am unable to connect to the internet.  In the instructions it is noted that some routers may not support this functionality.  Is there any way to configure my router to allow this device to connect?

This may help

would this be the same issue for the media drive as well?  They refer to the media stick in the link you supplied.

ah you’re right that one is for the WFD. What encryption type are you using on the network? if not WPA2 personal i would try that for sure. 

Wpa2. Still no go

I was never able to get mine to connect to internet despite help from tech support.  Gremlins I guess.  

Hi, I bought my 64gb drive yesterday, and have also not been able to connect to the internet. When I go to the settings in the app on my Ipad, and I select to connect to the internet, no wifi is shown, yet I am sat next to my router. tried various things, including wpa2. I have had other issues mentioned in this forumas well, so I can only hope Sandisk keep up with refining the app and firmware.