Sandisk Clip FM radio chip set

Does anybody know which FM Chip Set the Sandisk “Clip” uses? Is it the Sanyo LV24020LP FM Chip Set? or something else?

Don’t know, but here’s a peek inside.

IIRC it’s from Silicon Labs.

There are two very similar FM chips available from Silicone Labs, the sister chp offering RDS capabilities.  The feature would be very nice indeed, but proper implementation requires a good S/N ratio, meaning a good signal, in order to work properly.

The FM device is a teeny little guy, a few millimeters across.  If you look in the ABI forum photos linked, it’s the square device between the main processor and the volume control switches.

Given the density of devices in the wee Clip, and the resulting RFI issues, I’m amazed at the FM performance of the Clips.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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