SanDisk Blade

i just bought the 4GB SanDisk Blade and notice that there are two foloders already loaded on the drive.

#1- dub-application

#2- SanDisk Secure Application

What are these 2 files and are the needed? Can I delete them from the flash drive?

Please advise.

This (sticky post at the top of the board) should help with #2:

anyone who can help? i accidentaly deleted the dub-application and the secure access application  in my cruzer blade 4 gb and my device doesn’t work can anyone help me with this or can provide me with new one?

Did you follow the link I provided in my previous reply?

I am having the same issue.  And YES I have followed the link and read all of what is there.  However, states that “There is NO pre-installed software needed…”,

and, shows you how to remove the software, and step 3 tells you to format the drive, which I have done.  Now I am unable to write to the device.  When connecting the device to the PC, it runs the scan and fix program.  After it scans it tells me that there is no defects.  Which I already know.  However, the drive will not allow me to write to it, and causes the PC to hang for a couple of minutes while it churns.

Any advice is appreciated.