help pre installed software cruzer blade

Hello I have a cruzer flash driver blade 32 gb and I would pre-installed files that I accidentally deleted and it should be the following:

Well 1st I think we need to know how you " accidentally deleted" the files.  Otherwise you may " accidentally" delete them again.  So what happened?

deleted by mistake all the contents of the key, including software.

Yes, formating deletes everything, but how/why did the formating happen?  Were you running a script, an app, following a posting, advice of a neighbor, etc?

Nothing had happened, simply delete the other folders I deleted everything … one of the programs I found runsandisksecureaccess-win, if you can kindly post the other (autorun, etc …) … the question is not ‘analyze why’ and 'success, but just let me have the software …

“simply delete the other folders I deleted everything …” and allowed format to run.   What caused format to be invoked?

As for autorun don’t worry about it, Microsoft since XP SP2 disabled the autorun functionality.

The pen drive works perfectly, just wanted to lose the software that came before the cancellation

  If you can post them well, otherwise thanks anyway …

Accurate and there 'no problem to solve, I just needed the file to restore the original state.

that came before the cancellation

Again I have no idea what that means.  What cancellation??

As for SecureAccess see this link: 

Perhaps what I write is not ‘very clear’ cause I do not know English and use an automatic translator from Italian into English.
Thank you the link to the software sucureaccess, but I would need the other files, including autorun
There are no problems to the PC or the stick, I was the obliteration of all thinking that reformatting all the key would be more ‘fast, but not’ been so ’


I finally managed to find yourself …

Excellent links juliuscaesar.  Thank you for sharing them.:smiley_cat:

I do not know English and use an automatic translator from Italian into English.”

Well, that answers a whole lot of questions.  I was not aware of that.

HI there

I need some please. Thanks. I have a 8 gb sandisk, with loads of music and other files.

If I put into computer, it just reads short-cut and something saying wmp info

If I go to properties, it says it is still full of stuff; but get an error message when try to open the short-cut or WMPInfo…

\blablabla blaxxxxxxxxxx.hyz module not found

I do not want to format this drive, plse


Rgds Brian

From a  Windows Command Prompt try running a CHKDSK command on the drive.  If it shows errors rerun it with the /f option.

For example:

C:\Users\Ed>chkdsk e:

Windows has checked the file system and found problems.

C:\Users\Ed>chkdsk e: /f