Can I delete all the SanDisk files that came with my Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive (8GB)

Here’s why I ask.

I have a Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive (8GB)

1) I backed up some files from my Windows XP laptop using the instructions at
2) I then deleted all of the SanDisk software that came with the flash drive since I was not using it. Basically I am using it like a CD-RW.
3) I took it to my sister’s house to back up some of her files – same OS.
4) When I plugged it in I opened the flash (E:</font>) drive. But it showed no files and would not let me copy to it. I.E., I could not read it or write to it.

QUESTION: Was my mistake step 2? In other words, are their some SanDisk files you need to leave on the flash if you intend to use it on a second computer?

If yes, can I download these from your website?

Please advise.

Thank you.

Michael Thal
Senior Software Engineer
San Diego, CA 92014

I bought several Cruzer Glide USB Flash Drives and find they have a lot of files already on drive.  Can I just delete these and not worry about them or do they contain info I must retain.  I want the max storage I can get out of drive not ads.

I bought several Cruzer Glide USB Flash Drives and find they have a lot of files already on drive.”

“a lot”!!  I gues it depends where/who you bought them from.  On new ones the most you should see are:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601] Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Users\Ed\>dir f: Volume in drive F is EDSBLADE Volume Serial Number is B014-6877 Directory of F:\ 07/19/2011 10:24 AM 110,592 RunClubSanDisk.exe 06/29/2011 10:56 AM 27,311,232 RunSanDiskSecureAccess\_Win.exe 08/24/2011 07:44 PM \<DIR\> club\_application 08/24/2011 07:45 PM \<DIR\> SanDiskSecureAccess 01/10/2012 08:12 AM \<DIR\> My Vaults 2 File(s) 27,421,824 bytes 3 Dir(s) 3,937,320,960 bytes free

So, approximately 60,000,000 bytes used and 7,900,000,000 bytes free for your 8GB drives.  And none of them ads.

" Can I just delete these and not worry about them or do they contain info I must retain."

The files contain no info you must retain.

However, so you don’t worry, since it causes wrinkles, you could back up the files& folders to your hdd before deleting them from the Cruzers, in case you want to try them later.  :wink:

Thanks Ed. That’s some great feedback.

Just so I am 100% clear, it sounds like you’re saying a new customer (for example) can unwrap his new SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive, plug it in a USB port, then delete (or archive) all the files – if he wants to simply use it like a CD-RW. He can still use it on a second computer in his family with no problems.

Is this correct?



I think the aforementioned problem with my sister’s computer might have been due to problems with the USB ports (I tried two). Her computer has a history of problems such as when she plugs in her digital camera it doesn’t always properly connect.

So the fact I could not see the flies on my Flash Drive may have nothing to do with the the Flash Drive,

Is this correct?”


However, it is possible that on some pcs the SecureAccess app may start automatically when the USB drive is inserted.  But it can be exited and the files on the drive used normally.  It is also possible on some pcs that their anti-malware apps may block access to the USB drive because it contains .exe files on it.  And some of these apps may be configured to not display any earning windows when they block something.

You didn’t really think there was going to be a simple yes or no answer did you?

Mysandisc cruzer 16GB suddenly went write onyl. How can I delete fifes and get back to normal

went write onyl

Really!!  Never heard of that problem before.

Regardless, I think you need to return it.  If it’s like others that go “read only” it’s broken and needs to be replaced.

i didn’t backup any file… actually my frnd format all files that have in with it… so where did i download the files…
problem 2-after that if i copy any material in it… than it automatically changed to shortcuts and can’t run in my car…
please suggest fast…

You don’t need the SanDisk files to use the flash drive and they won’t work in your radio anyways.