SanDisk Cruzer Edge files

[I didn’t see a thread for this already, so apologies if it _is_ a repeat].

I’ve recently been bought a SanDisk Cruzer Edge USB memory stick, and upon using it on the computer the first time, I saw a bunch of files already on it. I’ve included screenshots of them [[x] [x] [x]], and the question I’m really after an answer to is - is it safe to delete them?

I don’t particularly fancy the idea of keeping a bunch of files that I’m not ever going to open on my memory stick, but I don’t really want to take the chance and assume that they’re unnecessary and delete them, only to discover that I messed something up big time. I’ve never experienced this with other brands of memory sticks, they’ve always been completely empty upon purchase, however this is my first SanDisk one. My housemate has the same brand, and she too has had a bunch of files already on it upon purchase, but she hasn’t bothered deleting them, so I’m none the wiser about how important they are

is it safe to delete them?"


If you want to be extra cautious copy them to your hard drive and in 6 months or so decide to try them copy them back.

Alright, thanks a lot! :slight_smile: