SanDisk Cruzer Edge 8GB is write-protected.

Well, good evening…

I bought my new SanDisk USB flash driver a few weeks ago, I’ve used it for like 4 or three days, yuh. Once, suddenly whist I was  copying few safe files on it, it stopped while it was copy processing, and gave me a message saying “The drive is write-protected” wot? What have I done? Then ye, I had to bring it back to the store I bought it from, and it is still under the warranty, and so they told me they won’t be able to help me 'cause I still have files of mine still on the USB. Well, I don’t know what to do now, you really have to help me, and before you even say pointless and meanless things, I have already tried so many methods to solve that, but seriously nothing helped. Oh gawd, I swear if you don’t help me, by bringing me a new one. If not, I’m suing you as soon as possible, I’m seriously offended.

My regards x

While your frustration is understandable, your threats are unwarranted and misplaced. This is NOT an offical SanDisk Customer or Tech Support forum, but a User’s forum. It is NOT regularly monitored by SanDisk employees other than the Admin to remove spam and tidy things up.

If your dealer refuses to help you by exchanging the faulty drive for a new one, you can contact SanDisk directly via the contact info on this page.

Note, if possible it is always best to call rather than chat or e-mail. Things will get resolved much faster that way. :wink:

@moumen, try the solution posted here:—how-to-fix-write-protected-disks  I can’t say for sure that it works since I have never had the problem but the author is very bright so it’s very possible it will work.  Please let us know if it does.

Be sure to backup the file you have on the flash drive before trying to fix it, or sending it back to SanDisk. 

Edd, I thank you a lot. I really appreciate the way you helped me, it did not work but thank you so much x