32GB Cruz Fit flash drive is write protected

I bought 4 Flash drives x 32GB ea. via an eBay seller.  One of the flashes is “WRITE_PROTECTED”.  He is a registered seller & has no problem swapping the flash.

MY DILEMMA: I only discovered the write-protected’ fault after i filled it with my confidential files.   I cannot just send it away with secrets inside.

What is the solution??  The flash is useless but it “knows too much.”

If the drive is under warantee it can be returned to SanDisk, and SanDisk has been known to allow people in your situation to smash the drive before returning it.  Check the SanDisk RMA link and see what they say. 


Maybe the eBay seller would support the same option.


O meu pen drive é do tipo usb flash drive - cruzer blade - 8 gb.

Está protegido contra gravação e já tentei mil formas de desbloquear.

Como vcs poderiam me ajudar?

Não tem nada confidencial, só quero destravá-lo…