Sandisk 8GB Cruzer lost half of its capacity?

Had a look around but couldn’t find any threads with the same problems…

I’ve had a Sandisk 8GB Cruzer for about a year and has always been fine. Last week I put some music on the drive and gave it to my dad. I have just put the drive back into my laptop and it is telling me the capacity of it is 3.73 GB?

All of the folders on the drive have been replaced and named things like “mbb2_files”, and inside these are really small files and images such as the facebook logo? Not sure what is going on here!?

Could this be something that happens if you don’t safely remove or something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This type of USB drive isn’t very expensive so I don’t mind having to buy a new one, I was just curious as to what might have happened to avoid it happening in future.


“Could this be something that happens if you don’t safely remove or something?”

Screwed up size, yes, Facebook files, not likely.

The answer to your problem is a soft called Active@KillDisk,ive actually just finished using it on a 16Gig Flash drive whos capacity was down to iGig.

Run Active@KillDisk and in the tree on the left pick out your FlashDrive and tick all the appropriate boxes,then go up the top to the button bar and click on Kill its a slow process but let it do its job,it took me just over an hour for the 16Gig.

Once Active @KillDisk has finished all you have to do is reformat the FlashDrive,you may have to use another computer for this for some reason my computer wouldnt recognise the flash drive but once in another box it was easy to reformat the thing,now its back to its full capacity thanks to Active @killDisk