Sandisk Cruzer 8Gb lost its space

I have a sandisk cruzer that only a few months old. It is the 8gig model and I love it or should I say I loved it.

I use to store passwords and files when moving between offices and customers. It has confidential data that is all password protected.

Last week it stopped working, i.e. the U3 software doesnt start and also the red / orange light that starts flashing away when it is in use doesnt work anymore.

In disk manager is shows a 16MB partition?

I have tried a few tools and nothing can find any lost partitions?

I cannot reformat it as it doesnt see that it is an 8gn drive.

Any suggestions or special tools to try?

On the back it has:-

Sandisk cruzer 8GB 



Made in china

is the drive password protected currently? if so there is not much you can do as the password protection will prevent it from being formatted by pretty much every tool i have seen. if this is the case i would say you have a bad drive and you will need to get it replaced. it should still be under warranty so i would try contacting sandisk support

i have the same problem and i have no password of any kind

i only have 2g of space

kinke ???,

if you find something up please let me know how to fix it please.

Does this thread help you kennix