sandisk 8gb cruzer blade not working for macbook pro

hi i just bought my sandisk 8gb cruzer blade yesterday when i transfer my mp3s from my pc to the sandisk i just bought, and plug into my mac book pro
all i could see is that all  folders all ends with .EXE , my mac book pro just keep showing strange letterings when i click on the foler in the sandisk.

i tired to go to the disk utilities and erase the thumb drive and under the format i set it to MS-DOS(FAT) and i retransfer my mp3 to my sandisk 8gb cruzer blade and plug into my mac book pro, again all i see is the folders name with the .exe.

someone told me to download the u3 launchpad removal but

i couldn’t run the remove launchpad…is it because i had reformat it already?
when i run the programme, it ask me to plug in the drive but when i plug in already, it never do anything and no option at all…please help…it is driving me crazy…

anyone can help me? 

i just found out that i can trf the mp3 files to the cruzer blade and my mac book can see it as mp3.

But when i trf folders to cruzer blade and my macbook see the folder as .EXE files.

this has nothing to do with U3 as your device never shipped with U3 so that is not the issue. 

honestly this sounds like it could be some type of virus or worm on your PC causing the issue. Do you ahve a workning updated antivirus? if so I would clean the PC then see about transfering the files. 

You probably do not have to worry about infecting the mac. most malicious software is windoes only hence the.exe extension but I would be a little warry about plugging that USB drive in other windows computers (that do not ahve AV software) until it is cleaned.