16GB Cruzer Blade works on Samsung TV but stopped working on PC (Win 7)

I have 2x 16GB Cruzer Blades that I was using for a few weeks and suddenly they stopped working. So as a trial I plugged them into my TV and the TV see’s all the files there and can access the media files. When I plug the drive back into my PC it shows up in Device Manager - Disk Drives but in Explorer it shows a a new Removable Disk but with 0 bytes of 0 bytes. I’ve been looking through forums all over the internet and although this seems fairly common, the solution is not to be found. Most people say your PC needs updating but I fail to see why because all of my other external USB disks and drives still work fine. Anyone got any help on this?



At device manager, try to right click on the Sandisk entry and hit on Scan for Hardware changes. That would refresh the drivers. 

It sounds as if the File Allocation Table on the drive may have gotten messed up.  Try running CHKDSK on it.  Also try rebooting the pc.