Sandisk 3D 1TB SSD fails SMART

I just bought 2 new Sandisk 3D 1TB SSDs. The first failed Acronis cloning. I downloaded WD current dash board. The 3D drive was detected by the Dashboard. Both drives failed the short and long SMART tests. (failed with 1 second). The web spec. claim 3D support SMART. Calls to the seller technical and to WD CS all claim the SMART should work.

Why is WD shipping SSDs that fail SMART? Should I be using a different Diag tool? Are these two drives BAD?

I’m not seeing any responses. I will input what I found. It has been 4 days of calling and emailing WD/Sandisk. Tonight I finally got a call back and an email “Please allow us to inform you that SSD Dashboard is no longer compatible with Win 7 and will not give correct results with Win 7”

This PC is used for video editing. I have 10 drives on it but WD Data Life guard only detects the first 8 hard drives so I downloaded WD Dashboard. When I run the smart test it fails without stating “not compatible with win 7”. I talked to 5 western digital people before I was told that win 7 is not supported.

I’m in a catch 22 situation here. I need (win 7)Media Center for broadcast capture and a fast SSD to speed up the OS but WD Data Life guard does not see drives 9 and 10 and win 10 will not support Media Center, but will support WD Dashboard

The 1TB 3d SSD did pass the smart test using win 10 however WD data life guard will NOT work with/test the 3D 1TB drive on a USB interface. Data life guard does work with a SATA interface on my lap top.

Hi @wildrice,

Thanks for reporting the issue. Have you opened a Support Case in SanDisk? If not please click here and open a new support case to assist in the best possible way.

Yes [Incident: 220123-000105]