SanDisk 32 GB SDHC Memory card will not save images properly

While on a trip to Ireland, I was shooting away and the pictures were saving fine…we would ocassionally look through them in the file on the camera.  We had stopped doing this for a while, and when we looked again after a couple of hours of shooting, say 400 photos, we dicovered that after 120 photos, the files wouldn’t open.   They said they were corrupt.  The only thing the card had been doing at that point was to keep the last two photos taken.  After some choice words and distress, we switched to the second SanDisk 32 GB SDHC memory card…it did the same thing!  We then put the 16 GB in that was being used in  the video camera and we had no further issues.

We formatted the cards before we left, formatted them to the camera.

Is this a problem with the discs? I need to return them to the store if so.


Yes, this totally SUCK!!! same **bleep** happened to us yesterday.  I googled this and found this subject.  ALL the pictures taken from my camera yesterday at our Cancun vacation trip did not saved in the SD card.  When I placed the SanDisk Extreme 32 GB in my computer to retreived the pictures, nothing was stored in the card.  I did the same thing, all the pictures were there when I reviewed the pictures taken after the shots.  Now they are all gone. The worst feeling is that we can no longer retrieved all the pictures taken at our Cancun vacation trip. This totally SUCKS!!!

You must have a defective one. Was this unit dropped by any chance?

As a last resort, have you tried “rescue Pro” that comes free with some Sandisk products? I had a SIMILAR, not identical, experience, posted in this forum, and was relieved to be able to get my pictures back that I thought had been lost. Our problems may well be different ones and you may not have any success with rescue software, but you have nothing to lose by trying. I do not understand the technicalities, but in my case deleted files are not really deleted. It appears that it is the code that windows needs to read/open files that is deleted, and the files can therfore be recovered. I realise that you are not talking about deleted files but wondered if it might be that somehow your files were theer, but just not being recognised, I really do hope you can retrieve them, I was totally devasted to find that my pictures were lost. Having used Rescue Pro, even if it was not free, I would recommend it and would buy it. The cost of the software is a pittance compared to the value of the irreplaceable photos.

Good luck