Help! Only some of the photos and videos are able to be viewed - the rest get error message...


I purchased a brand new 32GB Mobile microSDHC Card that was delivered on 10/13/16.  I used this with a Canany camera, and was able to capture and view all pictures and videos from 10/13/16.  On 10/14/16, I used the same card and camera to take more vacation photos and videos.  I took over one hundred pictures and videos, and am only able to view around 15 or 20 of them.  The rest of the photos AND videos give me errors. 

I never removed the card during the day.

I DID change batteries during the day, however, it was well after the time-stamp on the files I cannot access.  Meaning, I took a lot more pictures and videos on the card before I changed the battery than I’m able to view. 

PLEASE HELP!  These are vacation photos and videos, and priceless to me! 

What is happening!!

Any help is so greatly appreciated!


the pictures could be corrupted if you are getting errors trying to open them. this could be caused by issues from the camera side or possibly with the card.

You say you did change batteries. When the battery was low did you try shooting pictures until the battery was completely dead? If you are writing data to flash memory and the card looses power it can corrupt data stored on the device. It is very important not to try to get one more picture when you are getting low battery messages from your camera. 

You can try using a data recovery software and see if the images are recoverable however if the data is corrupted then it is possible that recovery would only recover corrupted data. 

sandisk provide rescue pro with their professional line of cards. If you have one of the versions that does not come with the software you would have to buy it. You could also look for free software on the internet. 

SanDisk rescue pro offer

Is there a current problem with 32 Gb Sandisk Micro Ultra cards?

I installed a 32GB Ultra micro SD card into a Tablet on 11 Sept 2016.  It start to fail after 30 days.  Only 5 Gb of the 32 were in use.

Desperate to recover precious and irreplaceable photos, I got assistance from local IT Coy;  They state Sandisk card memory was corrupting as they worked.  In old fashioned speak, it was a mass of damaged data pkts.

Retailer won’t even replace the SD card claiming I have to prove to them I didn’t damage the card.

You can contact SanDisk directly for a warranty replacement if the retailer won’t take care of you.

Online RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Form

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