Sanda Updater don't know my Clip+ anymore


i had a older version of the Sansa Updater. This one showed me there’s an update for the Updater, Firmware update and new manual. I decided to update the Updater first. The new Updater downloaded and installed but then the new Updater shows no Sansa device anymore.

It says there’s no updates (but there’s a new Firmware, the old Updater said) and it doesn’t show my Sansa device on the left side anymore. What happened? Is the Sansa Clip+ out of service?



Dont bother with the Updater. Here is the latest firmware update for the Clip+. You can simply install it manually if you want but truthfully, if you have version 01.02.15 or .16, there’s really no need to update; the changes were minimal. I still run .15 on mine and have no problems.

Oh, and by the way . . . this is the Deutsch Sprache (German language) board. In the future, if you have issues or question about your Clip+, you should probably post them here instead. :wink: