samsung galaxy tab s + 128g sd card issues

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S (4G) I had a 8G micro SD card that worked as expected… I have since purchased a 128G micro SD card to take full advantage of the maximum memory capacity… However the audio & video files on the card can no longer be recognized by the device … All files when chosen display an error stating that the device cannot play these files back due to an incorrect format.  I also had problems creating new folders from within the device… To rectify this I created the folders and added the files whilst the card was in my desktop PC. I have also tried formatting the card in the device … This too has not worked.

Can you please verify that the SD card will work as expected in the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S or provide further advise on how to rectify.

Micro SD XC1 Class 10

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First stage:

Please, check in the manual of the Tab, in the specification section, if it supports 128 GB card with exFAT format.

Also, on the card [MicroSDXC, 128 GB, C10 & U1], check with the PC, capacity and format that shows.

Luck, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

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Hello !

Could you solve your problem, as I have the same thing …

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You need to check to see if your device is compatible with exFAT, the format of all memory cards 64GB and over. It’s likely that it is not. If this is the case and you still want to use this card, you would have to re-format the card to FAT32.

Hey i have the same problem whith my Htc One (M8) and verified all this. The errors appear after i have ~8Gb/120Gb on the phone videos don’t play… Images are ceacked and all sort of errors … What should i do plz?

Thx in advance!!