2GB MicroSD


My 2GB MicroSD card can store MP3 and video files; but cant read it fully when put it in the mobile. But in my Transcend 2GB Memory card can work in same condition. Please advice me

Well I’d say you have to check if the card can be read by any other devices. That way you’d know if it was a faulty card or the something wrong with the handset.

I’d say get yourself a micro-card adapter (and/or a card reader capable of reading SDHC cards) and try the new card on your PC. Or you could try it in another phone and see if it’s detected.

It’s working in the PC but can’t work in Phone. But the same data transferred in Transcend is working in the same phone. I tried in different phones but the result is the same. It states data not supported, but why it’s not showing in Transcend

Although rare, memory cards can go bad, or be defective out of the packaging. Take (or send) it back to where you bought it from and get a replacement if it’s new. If it’s old, throw it away (or responsibly recycle) and buy a new one. 2GB cards are a dime a dozen these days.

I went to the shop, and they have checked and agreed with the complaint. They replaced me but few other units persists the same problem at last they paid back my money. But for my knowledge can please advice why this is happening with Sandisk 2GB

Bad production run, damaged by electro-magnetic field, etc. during shipment or in Customs, counterfeit? Any number or reasons. Thankfully like I said, it is rare. SanDisk is the world leader in flash-memory and has an excellent reputation.

No doubt it happens rarely . but,do remember that

 MicroSDHCare designed specifically for cellphones, smartphones and digital cameras and provide 2GB to 32GB of memory. MicroSD cards offer less than 2GB of memory and are used in low-end and older cellphones.If in future you experience any problem with the memory card do check if you can use it on other devices or in your computer,.

:smiley:May be the MP3 and Video format that your Sd card has is not compatible with your phone…