RQ:RDS in the radio

Has he got this option? I’d like to see it in radio options’ list.

No, this featre is not supported by the Fuze. But it has to be hardware anabed though, I suppose this can not be fixed with a mere firmware update.

RDS requires a different FM chip (I haven’t looked at the data on them lately).  RDS subcode requires a decent signal as well, which can be difficult when using the headphone shielding as an antenna, in such close proximity to your body.

The convenience of RDS display is nice, as long as the transmitting station implements it properly.  I’ve seen some really hairbrained information scroll by, with nothing to do with the currently playing song at all.

Look, I already know the station frequency to which I am tuned. Call signs are OK, but do we REALLY need to see station promotional slogans, news about contests, and all?

The Fuze and Clip’s compact construction are murder on radio reception, as the digital section shielding affects the RF signal for the radio chip.  I wouldn’t want to task it with RDS.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: