Radio Song IDing

I know some radio stations broadcast information about the current song playing. I was wondering if this feature would interest other people as well. Maybe a firmware update suggestion?

RDS would require a different piece of hardware: the FM chip.  The downside of RDS is that a strong signal is required for it to work properly.

The Sansa uses the headphone cable as the FM antenna, which is a limiting factor.

Running multiple platforms, the e200v2 is definitely the RF (radio) champion, with the best reception.  Its slimmer sisters aren’t as good at plucking radio signals from the aether, though I do find the reception acceptable.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

A very enlightening reponse. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t even know RDS requires special hardware.

I could be wrong, but the Fuze really has no need for a cable, my fuze recorded FM without any cables! (it was a bit weak, and crispy but it was the radio!!) (I"ve tried it myself!!)