Rollback Made Things Worse, I Think

My 2GB Sansa Express stopped recognizing the 2GB MicroSD expansion card a few days after I did the firmware update. Today I made three phone calls, and was finally sent, which was supposed to restore my player to it’s original state. I followed the instructions exactly, reloaded my music, and now the unit sometimes won’t turn on, or if it’s on, won’t turn off. When it does turn on I get an error message that I can’t figure out, and can’t find online:

ees Database
D nt ee D

appearing exactly as above, spaces and all. Does anyone know what’s going on with this? Can anyone suggest a solution short of more calls to tech support?

  1. Perform a hard reset. 

  2. Return the unit to where you purchased it, and don’t upgrade the new one’s firmware. 

  3. Call support.

Those are your options.  I think your problem is that the 01.01.01A wasn’t a clean version either.  If anything I think A2 is more stable, though it does ■■■■ out on non-SD cards.  You need them to roll you all the way back to the original release version.  There are some bugs in that too, with the recorder and radio, and it’s random function was worse, but it did the basics.

Thanks for the reply. After fighting with this thing for more than a day, and spending way too much time on the phone with SanDisk’s Tech “support,” I decided to get an RMA and a replacement. I just hope the new one will be tested before it’s shipped to me.

Would have preferred a refund, but I bought it online in late July, and the vendor won’t take it back after 30 days. Even if they did, I’d only get a fraction of the price I paid. Tried to buy it locally back then, but couldn’t find a store that carried the 2GB model.

Incidentally, I asked every support agent and technician I spoke with if they ever look at these forums, and they all said, “no.” Maybe they should.

The “Level 2” technician, by the way, had no idea what that weird error message meant, and couldn’t find anyone who did.

Am not feeling optimistic…

I must say, each week that passes without a new version of firmware, where Best Buy keeps dropping the price of the Express $10, and how Express has been delisted from the site, has me feeling worse and worse about my purchase.

It still is a nifty little device, with lots of potential that is fading away, but the developers on this project should have been sacked.  Maybe that is the problem, they keep firing their programmers after each release and they keep getting crappy ones.  :smileyvery-happy: