Ripping cd audiobooks to listen on clip?

Is this even possible?  I’ve downloaded audiobooks from audible and listened without problem on my clip.  I got an audiobook on CD from the library and ripped it to Windows Media Player in MP3 format.  It appears to have tracks 1-99 from each CD on media player and i can listen on my laptop through media player without problem.  When I ‘synchronize’ to the clip and try to listen it just replays track 1 until I manually make it move to track 2 etc etc.

Is there something I can do so it will move from track to track automatically on the clip?

Ummmm…If its not already obvious I’m an ultimately technochallenged geezer.  I looked at some of the other posts and don’t have a clue about ‘tags’ and such so please make any explanation inordinately simple, i.e. A…, B…, C…

hoping to be able to listen while I garden, thanks


OK, I think I figured it out.  Both shuffle and repeat were turned on.  When I turned them ‘off’ things proceeded as desired.

Sometimes you just have to fiddle with things.