Audio book transfer and shuffle vs no shuffle



I recently decided for the first time to incorporate audio books to my Sans Clip +.  I ripped the first 2 CD

to my WMP player then transferred them to my Sansa.  It was not an easy task. Both landed in

the Music folder, I don’t know what else to do since they were CDs.  I also tried to to a playlist,

but I do not see it.   In addition since I want to be able to toggle between my listening to music,

and my listening to the book,the result was comical: e.g. I got Elton John, followed by section

1 of the book, followed by van Morrison, followed by whichever section of the book the shuffle

was sending me to.  SO, is there an easy way, on the Sensa proper where I could have the

shuffle turned off when I choose to listen to the book and on when I want to switch to music. 

I love my Sansa (I’ve had it about 2 mths), but what a pain this is.  I am not a “program”

expert so I need a rather simple solution if it exists, otherwise, it’s “bye bye audiobooks” 

Fortunately I am enough of a bookworm and always carry one with me, but the audio option

would be nice as I cannot read on buses, I get motion sick.  Thanks!

Believe it or not, it really is easy.

First, the Clip+‘s database organizes and displays music and other files (e.g. audiobooks, podcasts), generally, based on the files’ ID3 tags.  Hence, when you rip your music/books, be sure to fill the ID3 tag info. in (correctly). 

Second, an exception exists for files in the Clip+‘s audiobooks and podcasts folders, in which case, if there are no ID3 tags filled in for the files, the Clip+ will use the files’ file and folder names to organize and display.  Likewise, if the files are elsewhere on the Clip+ but the files’ genre ID3 tag field is filled in with Podcast or Audiobook.

Third, even if the ID3 tags are screwed up, you can still get to the book files, in organized fashion, under the Clip+'s Folder view option (under the Music option, at the bottom).  This assumes, of course, that you’ve organized and correctly titled the book files. 

Best recommendations:

–  IMHO, in this day and age, generally fill ID3 tag info. in for files–most players use it, or even rely on it.

–  For best organization, with a book, keep all the books’ files in a folder (typically, the name of the book).

–  To get the book on your Clip+, just copy and paste or drag and drop the book folder to the Clip+.  Best place to store it:  under the Audiobooks folder.  (For podcasts, there likewise is a Podcasts folder.)  And then you easily should be able to access and play your books (in organized fashion), under the Clip+'s database or its folder view.

I hope this helps-- 

Oh, and an addition to avoid confusion:  to access audiobooks and podcasts via the Clip+'s database, they are listed under the Music option (under the headings Audiobooks and Podcasts towards the bottom of the list there). 

Thank you for your prompt answers (2).  I shall go through your recommendations and let you know how it

worked out.