RIp-Off Clip Zip! Rhapsody monthly $$ in order to Use my new Clip Zip Player?

I recently purchased Clip Zip and installed the music software called ‘Rhapsody’, then I created my playlists and tried to transfer them. To my dismay, I am not able to use this ‘Rhapsody’ to transfer my music files onto my MP3 player, just as any normal mp3 software is supposed to do!

I have sent in multiple complaints to the company and all I receive back is that I must register and pay the monthly fee. Please help! I already paid 40$ for this music player! What is the point of “Owning” a player, if you then have to pay a monthly fee?

You don’t have to use Rhapsody to put files on your player. You can use Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey, WinAmp, or virtually any other FREE  “music management” software to transfer files. Or you can skip the additional software altogether and just “drag & drop” or copy & paste with the built-in file management (Windows Explorer/My Computer, etc.) in any operating system

Rhapsody is a pay-to-play music service. If you want it, you must pay a monthly subscription fee. But as mentioned you can get your music from other sources, like your own CD’s which are perfect. You probably like them and they’re already paid for. You just need to “rip” or convert them to a format the player can read, like .mp3. Windows Media Player, which is probably already on your computer can do this for you, or you can download numerous other programs that will do it too.