music downloading

I just purchased a Clip Zip from Costco and read that the only way I can download music to it is via  a Rhapsody subscription. Is this true?

No. It’s _ one _ of the ways, but certainly not the only way.

Rhapsody is a pay-to-play music service. If you have your own collection of CD’s that’s the best resource for music in the world. They’re already paid for and you like them. ‘Rip’ them to .mp3 format (I prefer higher bit-rates like 256kbps for quality) and load up your little Zip.


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You can also buy MP3s from various websites like  Then just copy them to your Clip Zip with Windows Explorer, or use a program like Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey or Winamp.

He is correct.You can use this way and there are other ways too.Like you can download songs from internet then attache your device in computer and copy all the songs to your device

Isn’t that what PromisedPlanet just said???

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