Rhapsody music management application

I bought a c140 recently and figured out that as a Canadian consumer I couldn’t download Rhapsody, it’s US consumers only. The CD that came with my player says Rhapsody is on it, however, upon inserting the disc it’s nowhere to be found. Can someone direct me to a Rhapsody download link or a torrent of some sort?

if you visit www.Rhapsody.com im sure you will be able to download it. But honestly if you are unable to use it as a service, you are more likely to find better results using any other music managing software. Windows Media Player for example, or Winamp perhaps.

Not to say Rhapsody isnt a good software to use. I just am not positive if you have the ability to download it from their appropriate website due to your location and a quicker way to address you concern might be to use other alternatives.

I know this. I’m live in Canada however and Rhapsody only offers it’s software download to US consumers. Is there a way to get around this?

You can try www.download.com, but again… It is probably more trouble then its worth. There is no benifit to using Rhapsody as opposed to other software, its just a prefrence.

I would not be comfortable with somebody posting a bit torrent download for you, as it could be malicious. Would not want somebody providing a potentially harmful file to users who visit this forum.

You can use Rhapsody to manage your music, however Rhapsody Accounts are for U.S. only