Unable to use Rhapsody

I am American living permanently in Australia. I visited a Best Buy store in Texas earlier this year and bought a SanDisk Sansa Clip  player.  The sales person assured me it would work when I returned back to Australia.  

When I try to register at the    Best Buy Digital Music Store , I get the message : “Sorry, we are only able to offer Rhapsody to US customers at this time”.

Not only does this make me unable to access online music, it won’t even let me download my OWN CDs without opening an account, which it won’t let me do…can’t get past the message that comes up.    Now have been told the End User Agreement says you have to live in US.  Ok then.

My questions are :  Is Rhapsody the only option for using this player? Are there any other online music options I can use? Is there any way I can get past that message so I can download from my own cd collection?


It sounds like you are trying to use the software that came from Best Buy to load your Clip.  You don’t need that.  You should be able to use the existing software on your computer to rip your own CD and make mp3,ogg vorbis, or wma files out of them.  You can then move them to your Clip yourself.  You may have to connect in MSC mode instead of MTP.  I bet it’s the Best Buy software that is messing you up.

Out of curiousity, does the FM radio work at all?

As for music download services, you are probably limited to what is available in Australia.  You can probably get mp3s from places like amazon.com that are not DRM protected.  In order to load DRM protected wma files on your clip you are going to need to be in MTP mode.

Your new Clip will work fine in Australia, but if you drop it in the loo, it will swirl in the opposite direction from up here.

Here’s a link to the User Guide.  All you need is Windows Media Player 10 or 11, and you can transfer your favorite CDs to MP3 files on your Clip.  The guide explains the process in cool pictures too.

The first time I used WiMP, the interface was a bit daunting (still is, actually, but it works fine).  The tutorial in the guide is great.

You can use other applications as well, like Media Monkey or Winamp.

Let us know how it goes!

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

@laceybaby wrote:


My questions are :  Is Rhapsody the only option for using this player? Are there any other online music options I can use? 


Regarding online music options, you can purchase music from a variety of websites, such as amazon.com (DRM-free MP3s).  You’ll need to use the previously mentioned methods of putting those MP3s onto your Clip (drag-and-drop, WMP, MediaMonkey, Winamp etc.).