Returning broken Clip, is the Fuze good to get?

Clip is not being recognized on the computer and we’re deciding to take it back.

I want to know if the Fuze is good, as in is the wheel just like the iPod’s wheel?

Will my computer recognize the Fuze for more than two days?

Is the durability good, and are you guys satisfied with it?

Thanks for any replies in advance.

I’ll probably have more questions soon to come, if I get it tomorrow morning. :smiley:

The durability and functionality is great.  The software, support is nonexistent.  The forum moderators, however, delete posts really fast.

I’ve been very satisfied with the Fuze!

Great durability

The scroll wheel actually turns unlike iPods

Do not buy it. The converter program that you have to use will crash your media center, and possibly other things on your computer. Sandisk has no answer when or if they will address the problem.

What operating system is on the computer that you are hoping to use with the Sansa? And are you planning to use it for music–which is a breeze–or with video?

I think that the Media Converter issue may be system-specific.  I have a suspicion that other drivers are interfering with the application- check if you have other media drivers active like the xbox or PSP.

In all, the Fuze is the most trouble-free Sansa to date, sharing the processor of the Clip and v2 series devices.  After getting the kinks of the interface worked out using the v2, the release of the Fuze has been quite smooth.

I need not delve into the sound quality, it’s quite tasty.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Re: <<The software, support is nonexistent>> 

I haven’t had to use phone tech support for my Fuze, having just purchased it. But, I needed support for my Clip–a lot of hand-holding, for playlists–and I got a good tech support guy that really helped me. Hold times weren’t bad either. The number is somewhere in the thead about what to do before you ask for support, in the threads in the beginning of the forum.

Hope this helps. I liked my Clip a lot, I just wanted toget  bigger player.

I highly recommend the Fuze. I use Windows Vista and have had absolutely no issues. My Fuze is currently loaded with about 1500 songs, 40 videos, dozens of audiobooks, 3 podcasts and 2 Rhapsody channels. All this has integrated beautifully with the 8gb card I got on Amazon.

I got a Fuze shortly after they were introduced last spring. I still think its a great choice, but its not perfect.

  • The scrollwheel is sort of like an iPod. Its a physical wheel, not just a touch-sensative pad like the iPod. The menu and pause buttons are switched from the iPod, which is a little hard to get used to. The scrollwheel seems to be better suited to large hands than the Nano. The biggest downside of the wheel is that it doesn’t speed up as you continue through long list - it just plods through at a fixed rate. I have over 2,000 songs on mine, and there is no way I would ever consider using the Songs list. If I didn’t have all my music nicely organized into genres, navigation would be kind of annoying.

-  Great sound. Better than any of the eight or so other players we’ve owned.

  • I’ve had it plugged into a few systems, and never had a problem with it. The converter’s kind of wonky, the resulting video files are unnecessarily large, and my videos wouldn’t play correctly from a microSD card. I don’t consider this a very good video device.

  • The card slot is an awesome feature. I got an 8GB card for $32 shipped (Amazon reseller). This must be about the smallest 16GB player one can get. It will rebuild the database when you connect, and that means it sits there for a few minutes even with minor changes (I just changed a few picture files, no songs, and it took 2 minutes, 45 seconds to rebuild).

I have a 4gig and an 8gig and I really like them, in fact my wife put the 8gig(mine) through the washer and dryer and after I hooked it up to my computer it restarted and worked fine.

The screen looked funny for a few days but it dried out and is back to normal.