REQ: New Feature - automatically shuts off after a few minutes when FM radio is 'paused'

Hello Sansa Community,

I just wanted to express the fact that I would really like Sansa Express to shut off automatically when it is put on ‘pause’ (after a few minutes) on the FM radio part - that is why my battery gets drained all the time because I only pause it don’t completely shut it off. But when I play MP3s and hit pause I have the peace of mind knowing that it will shut off automatically - but the FM radio doesn’t and the player stays on…

That’s really my main gripe with the Sansa Express - otherwise I love it. I’m just sick of my battery getting drained and having to recharge it all the time because I forget to completely turn it off when pausing the FM radio.

or maybe this is already a feature and I just don’t know about it?? Jf so, let me know how I can tweak my player so I can adjust that setting.