Repairs or replacement

I recently purchased my Sandisk 8gb mp3 player and the wheel is sticking to the point I have to pull it away for the recessed grove to increase the volume.  I have issue with having to pry the wheel off to get it to move.

I purchased it thru Dell Computer and good luck trying to get a straight answer or an operator that will give you a phone number to try and get this problem corrected. 

I was hung up on once, I had a difficult time understanding the four people I talked to and was given wrong information three times.  That is why I am trying this route.

HELP  !!

Call 1-866-SANDISK. You have a one-year warranty. Don’t email them–calling will be faster.

I was listening to an audbook on my Sansa Fuze.  The phone rang and I pressed the pause position on the wheel.  It paused – now it is stuck.  Will not turn off, will not turn back on, none of the buttons work.  Any suggestions?

have you tried the “reset”? hold the button in the on position for 10 whole sec. player should reset.

if that doesnt work try redownloading the lateset firmware, that causes the player to reset.