Red One camera and the new 4k Extreme pro Cf card

Hello The Sandisk team, how are you? I am a director and i heard about your new CF extreme pro card (256Gb, Up to 160Mb/s, and made for the 4k acquisition).

I have a Red One Mx camera with a Cf slot, and Red doesn’t offer any serious solution  for this configuration (they don’t sell Red one SSD module anymore, and the only way we have to record our footage is to buy their old 16Gb Cf card). Your new Extrem pro Cf card is fast enough for this caméra, i’ve send a mail to Red and opened twho thread on their forum :

Like you can see, we are a lot of Red one users here, and we all need your Cf card to work with our camera, maybe it is already the case, i have to give it a try, but if not, we either need a firmware update from Red (they’ve send me a mail saying that they will spread the word to their engineer, so no promises), or i can send you my 16Gb Red Cf card so you can base your work on, your engineer can certainly make these new Extrem pro Red compatible…

Since a year, the Red one mx occasion market explode (thanks to a price drop and the arrival of new cameras) and we are A HUGE LOT of new users who need a serious Cf solution so, what we need is your new Cf extrem pro card Red one compatible.

Thanks for your reply, and have a great day!