Hi EXTREME PRO CF card question (Care and Management)

Sorry for my English and sorry if this question has already been answered(havent found the post), I’m getting a new 64gb Extreme Pro CF card UDMA 7, im a Nikon D4s user, I’m getting involved in the video capabilities of DSLR so im a noob on it, and i want to know how much HD video can be recorded on a 64Gb, 64Gb is enought for video or is too little space for video, does the different recording frames per second affects the size of the video, for example 60fps videos take more space on the card than 24fps?

And my second question how to take care of this card, its an expensive card and i want it to last and not to loose the footage I record on it, should I format it daily after use?, format it when it gets totally ffull, never format it, formatting the card too much times is bad??, should i delete the content or format it which is better?? any other recomendations for taking care of the card?

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in that case you can look into this helpfull kb article to see how many hours of videos you can store in this card


so as you can see indeed the FPS can resolve to less videos that can be stored in the card because of the higher quality of videos. to the second part of your question the answer would be that its recommended to format the card after a period of time. of course if you just take 5 pictures there is no need to format the card before and after use.