Record Mode Issue and how to fix it (painfully)

Just found out about this after trying out the record mode to record my drills.

The speed to recording is fine, whenever my display is on. Once the display turns off, the SE lags. It becomes unresponsive for a while before lighting back up. Also during that time, the SE speeds up your voice in the file to a chipmunk sound.

How to fix it?
Put the display on/off to the max (3 mins), and while recording press that submenu button (down button) every 1 - 2.5 mins.

Not so sure if this is present just on my firmware which is a 1.01.01A2

Anyone want to confirm it is not just mine and maybe is present on earlier firmwares?

Unfortunately I also have this problem. The problem is appeared after firmware update to v1.01.01F. But I try to re-format Internal Memory and now it seems working.

It doesn’t work anytime. I notice that when I start to recording and the display turns off for saving energy, it doesn’t turn off only display but the whole player!!! And sometimes it doesn’t start recording because since I press Play to start rec, the player turns off. I resolve it only with an internal format (and I miss all the MP3s previously installed). What’s happen?

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I have the same problems to, especially during mic recording, But I try this simple trick, go to record mode then record, use the hard reset, turn on the express and start recording. It working so far. But for the fm recording, there were still lots of glitc

Yep. I have the same problem (firmware 01.01.01F). I hope SanDisk will fix it soon. It’s not fatal but VERY annoying. In my case it happens only with FM Recording - when I try to listen to it.

SkyL: An interesting solution. But still this bug must be fixed. (I hope it will be.)

By the way - I’ve had some other strange bugs:

  1. When I switch player off and (after some time) switch it on again - the EQ settings not always load. EQ starts in Normal mode and if I try to switch EQ modes from Playing menu - it doesn’t work. When i do this from the Settings->EQ - it works fine. Strange… 8/

  2. Yesterday I’ve got another strange bug. This one was REALLY strange. I was listening my music for some time (mostly heavy metal (Sepultura,Exodus, etc.) if anyone curious :slight_smile: ), then i decided to listen to radio, all worked fine, then I’ve decided to return to my music again and there fun part starts - SE played my favored Sepultura for about 10 secs and then switched to radio! And it was still in playing music mode! It even showed on display thart Sepultura is still playing! Weird! I’ve pressed Play a few times - no reaction. Then i’ve pressed Menu button and selected Music->Play Previous and then Sepultura continued to play. It’s a very strange bug. But it happened only once.

I really hope there will be an updated firmware soon.

PS. I’m sorry for my poor english - I am russian, so… :]

I have a slightly different problem.  My device records fine, but the playback of wave files (including FM and voice recordings) becomes broken up once the display turns off.  See the following thread:

Please try upgrade to the latest firmware 1.01.05 to see if this problem still exists…if it does, please report to tech support so hopefully there is a fix in the future.

hi i too have the same problem of chpmunks screaming wen i try to play back fm recordings.

i have the latest firmware i hope since i bought it 3 days before…

pls help me out how to solve this recording problem???

my firmware is01.01.05p2

I’m still having problems with the Voice Recorder function when the display turns off.

When recording with the Voice Recorder, while the display is on, the pause function ( >|| ) works perfectly.  But when recording, after the Display turns off if I press the pause button the display takes a long time to come back on.  And it seems like the longer the display is off, the longer the display takes to come back on.  Sometimes the display hasn’t come back on for 90 seconds.

This really messes up the recording feature because when the display is on, you only push the pause button once to pause.  But when the display is off, you have to press the button once to get the display to come back on, then press it again to actually pause the recording.

I found out that if the display turns off while recording, I can press the button twice and pause the recording even though the display hasn’t come back on.  But without the display it’s a pain in the neck to keep track of whether I’m recording or paused.

I don’t have the same problem if the Voice Recorder is paused and the display turns off.  When the display is off and I press the button the display always instantly comes back on.

Is any one else having this problem or fixed this problem?  If so, how?


2GB Sansa Express with 1437MB Free

Firmware 01.01.12A2

with no microSD card inserted